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Euroflex cartridge system

18 February 2021

Discovering the benefits to build arms fully by your own.

What is a cartridge?
The cartridge is the “muscle” of the arm. It is the key element that gives strength to the arm.

To build a complete, finished arm at the size you desire you have to
put in traction the spring.

This cartridge, e.g., generates an arm of 225 cm of projection
because the spring was putting in tension for its entire strength.
So with one cartridge you can build many different size of
finished arm s ‘projections.
We have cartridges that cover such size of arms:
from 150-225 cm, 250-275 cm, 300-325 cm, 350 cm.
After tensioning the spring at projectiong you need, you have to insertthe cartridge inside the profile, cutting at size (the profile normally is long 7 m).
Then we have to add the abutment and the tip. YOU SEE! IT IS EASY!
To fix these elements you can use screws, rivets or glue.
In this last case you have to sand the components so that glue gripson them.
These components: profiles, abutments and tips are the same for all size of that specific arm’s model.

What are cartridges made of?
They are made of an inox internal, central mechanism that works on bushes in brass.
The chain is in inox, but we sellalso the same system with cable.
This material has a hight lifetime, does not corrode and so the mechanism does not jam.
One pair of our arms was tested for 40.000 cycles
That is a couple of generations!

What are the benefits of this system?
you can save € 15,00 per arm s’pair (for the bigger projections the savings will be greater than smaller projections) and you can depreciate the labour cost because during off-season you can build arms and preparing for the season.
Also a couple of well-equipped people can build 70 pairs of finished pairs of arms per day.

you have the chance to stock less material.
Remind: one cartridge and the same components can generate different arms’ projections.
Imagine to stock for each
projections you offer in your catalogue a necessary numbers of arms and colours.
With this system you change your view!
You do not have to forecast ahead the arms’projections that your customers
will buy during the season beacuse you will be able to keep up with the need of your market. So at the end of the working season you will count only single components.

If one of your customer will ask for a special arm’s projection you are able to ship it the day after!

Euroflex is always with you...

We give you the chart for the springs’tension;
We give you the chart for the cutting’s profiles;
You can come visiting us for a training day;


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